I'm a very bad blogger...

The past couple of months I've blogged very little.  I've been reading blogs and inspired by many, but I honestly feel/ felt like nothing really has changed in my little corner of the world.

But actually things have changed a bit. I'm back on track walking the dog post surgery. I've managed 17/22 days so far this month, and a couple of those walks have been more like mini hikes than a leisurely stroll. I've lost 2 whole pounds, but I've lost inches every where.

I've been helping out taking care of my dad, who is not well at all. He's down to the same weight he was when he left the hospital last June, and eats very little. He's mainly eating soft foods, as he has difficulty with eating meats, salads, etc. He's using more and more oxygen each day, and soon I suspect he'll be using it 24/7.

I've been terrible tracking my money and expenses... Ignorance is bliss ( not really, just being an ostrich for a few months). I've made it my goal to track everything in June... Should be eye opening ( or rather having the blinders removed)...

I've also been off the rails when it comes to food waste...I'm guessing that I've wasted about 40.00 worth of food since mid April. Ouch, that hurts just writing it out. I haven't baked since shortly after Christmas and I've only been cooking one or two meals a week. This has to change! But only I can change this.

My taxes are going up in July, so I'll be seeing less of my pay cheque and my mortgage has gone up by 12.00/ biweekly because my property taxes have gone up.

I'm loving the money I'm saving on gas with the CRV ( I've now got a grand total of 4000kms on it, and average 9.7litres/100 kms. What I don't like about the CRV is... there are no fog lights. I didn't think I'd miss them, but I really do!

As far as doing anything crafty, nope, not happening. Feeling totally unmotivated... I have a few ideas for a couple of things, but have done nothing to actually start them.

That's been my life in a nutshell the past few months.


ND Chic said…
Sam, I'm sorry to hear that your dad's health isn't doing so well. Keep your head up.
The Witch said…
I guess I'm a bad blogger too!!
Some days I just don't have anything new and exciting to blog about.
I hope your Dad's health turns around, it must be hard on you and your Mom.
Glad you are keeping up with your walking. I bet you just love that the pounds and especially inches are melting away.

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