Here's the list from old navy...

    Women's Vintage-Style V-Neck
Light Yellow    L    $9.99    1    $9.99   
    Women's Vintage-Style V-Neck
White    XL    $10.00    1    $10.00   
    Women's Frost Free Quilted J
Gray Leopard    XL    $16.99    1    $16.99   
    Women's The Sweetheart Boot-
Dark Authentic    14 Shor    $39.50    1    $39.50   
    Women's Button-Front Stretch
Bright Rose    XL    $25.00    1    $25.00   
    Women's Drop-Shoulder V-Neck
Sea Salt    XL    $9.99    1    $9.99   
    Women's Micro Performance Fl
Eternal Flame    XL    $5.99    1    $5.99   
    Women's Long-Sleeved Crew-Ne
Bright White    XL    $7.00    1    $7.00   
    Women's Long-Sleeved V-Neck
High Voltage    XL    $8.00    1    $8.00   
    Women's Long-Sleeved V-Neck
Black Jack    XL    $8.00    1    $8.00   
    Women's Long-Sleeved V-Neck
Bright White    L    $8.00    1    $8.00   

Summary of Charges for Package #
Shipment Subtotal:    $148.46   
Promotions:    - $22.27   
Shipping & Handling:    Free   
13.00% HST:    $16.40   
Total Tax:    $16.40   
Shipment Total:    CA$142.59   

This is everything I bought from old Navy on line this week...

I also bought new sneakers, spring jacket ( a yoga jacket), yoga pants and underwear ( now have 12 pairs for everyday and 4 for work and yes I know that sounds weird, but my work clothes are completely separate from my everyday clothes) at costco... total cost 103.00

I also ordered new Bogs online for 84.00...

I'm left with a budget of 270 for clothing for the rest of the year...  Which is plenty for me... I'd like to get new snow pants ( I've been wearing the same pair for over 12 years), plus a few things for the summer. oh and a couple of new bras ( that will cost about 100 easy for 2). I'll just need to find some awesome sales once again...


Jolie said…
Oh what fun. I wish I had a body that would let me shop online and know it would fit :-)

Enjoy your new stuff.
its me, sam said…
Jolie, I tend to stay somewhat the same size, and I know how Old Navy jeans fit... T-shirts, as long as they're long and have specific neck times, I'll buy ( v-neck, and scooped are the best for me, turtle necks in the winter once in a while).

I hate trying clothes on, so I tend to stick to the same style of clothing. I know the colors that look best on me, so I stick to those colors ( crisp whites, jewel tones, colors like coral, buttery yellows, deep purples close to my face). I love earth tones, but they look terrible close to my face, so I'll use them for bottoms mainly or a sweater.
Hawaii Planner said…
Sounds like you got some great deals! You're wise to have your shopping list & budget for the entire year in mind - it means much more focusing on needs vs wants! PS - love my Bogs! :-)
its me, sam said…
This will be my second pair of bogs! I think that they're the best!
Tanner said…
Those are some really good prices for the shirts. I like Old Navy stuff, though I haven't seen much of their vintage stuff.
Jane said…
Good deals! Too bad about the stinkin' taxes!! What are Bogs?
its me, sam said…
Bogs are winter boots. Check them out. they rock... and keep your feet dry...

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