Feburary third already?

I often heard my grandparents say that time flies when you get older and as a child, I didn't get that, but now I do!

January seemed to fly by, a month filled with the flu, appointments ( three dentist appointments, 5 fillings later, 4 were old ones being replaced, one was a very small cavity starting and the dentist decided to fill it while she was replacing the other two), some days of  freezing cold and a few very warm days too! ( it was plus 12 on Thursday, minus 24 with the wind chill on Friday). We had no snow accumulation in January ( no plow bills to pay in January). 

I walked the dog 25 times in January, he saw the vet's office twice ( both times to have his anal glands drained and a refill on his meds, 105.00 for him).

I did end up buying a new car, a 2013  Honda CRV ( Jolie, I kept picturing falling out of the car as I opened the door and then picturing the snow getting in the car, 'cause it was so low to the ground).  I'll be putting the extended warranty on it later in the spring, as I didn't want to pay interest on it nor have it on the loan.  I decided on the CRV, based on the gas mileage, and resale value, and my payments are lower than my Santa fe. I can also clean the car off without having to stand inside the car to reach the roof...

For February,  I've set my self a few goals: keep my grocery spending to 200.00 or less, and clean the basement out. I also have a few DIY projects that I want to figure out ( one it to make a chalk board for my kitchen, but I want it in a frame, which I already have), plus I want to make my own re-useable produce bags.  I have everything I need now, I just need to decide on sizes and cut the material out and sew them up.

I also have a few plans made for some family fun and adult fun ( dancing anyone?), plus I'm taking two days off from work and won't be working at my PT job on those days.

I'm also working on an action plan for my health and fitness...

Oh and best of all? Once again, I had someone ask if I dyed my hair to get the silver steaks in it! That made my heart sing!


ND Chic said…
In two days, we had an eighty degree swing in temperature including the wind chill. Nice job on the car.
Jolie said…
OMG I snorked my coffee when you said that Sam :-)

That was a lot of appointments. I hope February brings you lots of fun.
The Witch said…
It was a weird week for weather.
I'm interested in what you think about your Honda Suv. I've been wanting to trade my Honda car in for a Suv but I hate to part with my baby. It's 13 years old 193KM and reliable and totally paid for a long time ago.
Let me know what you like and especially what you dislike before I go shopping.
Melanie said…
Greetings Sam

Sorry for the broad post, but just trying to see if you might be able to help us with a story today.

My name is Melanie Nagy. I am a reporter with CTV National News.
We are working on a Canadian debt load story.Looking to speak to someone on camera who is working on reducing their debt load or someone who has reduced their debt load. Wondering if you could assist me? Or if you would be interested in chatting with me on the topic?



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