week 4 challenge

Financial: Whatever your budget is for the week, cut it. Can you cut it down 10%, 25%, maybe even in half for the week? Figure out a realistic cut, then put the extra towards debt or a savings goal!

I had budgeted money for groceries and decided not to buy anything this week. I drove my parents to the grocery store Monday and my mother bought a litre of milk for me, plus she made bread Monday too! Those were the only two things I needed!

Decluttering: It's time to organize our food stash! Your pantry, cupboards you keep food in, fridge, freezer, etc... take inventory of what you have, organize it, toss any old, expired foods, make a menu plan using up any items that are nearing their "best before" day, donate foods you won't eat, etc... Don't forget to snap before & after photos!! If you've already done this over the month, well, you're off the hook!! ;) 

My pantry is tidy, and I have a used up a lot of things...


~Carla~ said…
Well done!! You did great with the no spending!! Wow!

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