Sunday night...

and I'm getting used to having no cable... I've realised that for the most part I don't realy watch the tv, I just have it on for the noise... Although I've watched and liked a ton of British tv shows ( Luther was great).

I worked at my pt job and made 190.00.... I beat my goal! Some is going into the bank, and the rest will go towards gas and groceries.

I didn't walk the dog today, but I shoveled the drive way!

I'm going to the movies with my parents tomorrow night ( it would be too hard for my mom to take him by herself, so I'll tag along. She's even offered to pay my way in, so all I'm going to pay for is some popcorn!)...

I'm going to work again this weekend at my pt job, and I'll be taking time off my FT job to do so. I have overtime hours in the bank, so I'll use those  to cover the time off. It's a win-win for me!

I'm tired tonight,  as I went out last night for a few hours... I spent about 13.00 on cover and drinks... well worth the money...

Now I'm logging off and heading to bed!


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