Slugmama's blog post did two things for me today:

Here's the link to the post:

First I howled at my computer laughing at the topic... Because I'm guilty of doing this in the past...

Second, I began to think about food, mainly my pantry...  Why on earth do I have 8 boxes of dry pasta in my pantry right now, when I live by myself? I just figured out that its enough for 32 meals or 16 weeks worth of pasta...  I actually can't answer this right now, because I'm thinking long and hard about it. I can answer part of it, 1.00/box for whole wheat pasta... Doesn't happen very often...

Also I'm surviving without the tv and listening to the radio all day. Right now I'm listening to this and I'm dancing in my seat!


slugmama said…
Thanks for the linky love Sam.
But I don't fault you for your 16 boxes of pasta.
As long as you got a good price on it, won't buy more until you use most of it up and you have the room to keep it, I don't see a problem with it.
Buying what you NEED at a rock bottom or good SALE price and using it up is all good!
Now if you have 16 boxes of something you didn't like and wouldn't eat, THAT'S when it boarders on a hoarding problem.

We have all been guilty of buying stuff we don't need, won't use, me included. It takes a lot of work to get out of that habit. ;-)
I actually read that after I'd cleaned out my junk drawer! Very timely. :) I need to go back to my "one in, two out" philosophy because really, I just have too much stuff. And WHERE do you find pasta for $1 a box??! I've never seen it that low. The cheapest I can find it is $2.99. :P

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