it is cold!

with the wind chill its minus 33... Ouch. I'll be taking the dog for a short/brisk walk in a little bit.

 I also finally called the company that installed the heat pump, as when I switched to emergency heat, the temperature sky rocketed! I usually have it set for 68 Fahrenheit and it went up to 72 degrees ( too hot for me!).   This happened a couple of times, so I bit the bullet and called! Someone will be coming today to check the thermostat out...

I went to the dentist this morning, had two old filling replaced, and I'll be having two more done next week. The receptionist was tied up on the phone, and when I went to pay, she had sent the direct billing in already! She also said that it was fine if I just wanted to wait and pay it all next week! I said a resounding yes, as I'll have to pay 73.00 out of pocket.  ( much better than the 365.00). Next week, I'm looking at around spending 76.00).

I've started to clean/organize the basement, as I need to have a spot to play with the dog when it's this cold. I'm just doing little bits at a time, but to be honest I should have a good chunk done this afternoon.

I want to run to the library, drop some food off to a local church and I should take the stuff to the blue bins for recycling...  I have have three pairs of shoes to give away. They're ladies size 7 ( the boots are rather flat inside  and the black shoes  fit like a 7.5, my heel slides out when I try to wear them).  If you're interested I'll ship them anywhere in Canada...  ( I'm not sure about the US and customs, but if you're from the US and will wear them give me a shout. I want to send them to a home where they will be loved... and worn, not sold on ebay or Kijji....


~Carla~ said…
It is SOOO cold! I love the shoes! Soo cute! I don't wear heeled shoes though, just boots with chunky heels. I'd kill myself in those.. haha!!

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