This is how my morning has started!

But it is not going to ruin my day! I was watering it, when the tree started to tip forward and it did a lovely face plant. Maybe it wanted to  bond with the bamboo? I almost cried, but thought to myself " really, the tree did a face plant, you lost a few ornaments,  and had a pile of water to clean up", so what!  Started to clean up, removed all the ornaments off the tree, needed to call a few friends to help get the tree back up safe( and secure it to the wall),  and then I laughed! Laughed! In reality, a fallen tree is minor! Now, I'm off to pick some needles out of my cleavage!


Tanner said…
That's the spirit. When a lot of things are going wrong for me, I sometimes just laugh at how silly it is that they're all going wrong and move along. It doesn't change the fact they're bad things, but it sure makes my perspective of the event so much more bearable.
Jane said…
Yes, it's a little thing indeed. Michael's son has been whining a lot lately about having to be posted to the NWT for a month in the new year. Compared to the recent tragic shooting in the U.S. he was reminded how great his life really is, to be able to travel and see parts of the world he'd otherwise never see. We all have much to be thankful for!

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