it's christmas eve

and I'm sitting in my DD's apartment without the dog... My mother wanted his company over the holidays.... no worries, I'll be home in two days... I do miss him a lot! She asked late Saturday evening, as the dog really watches over my dad ie: doesn't leave his side at all, when dad moves the dog goes too!

The turkey is in the oven, and smells yummy... The groceries are bought,   wine is at the ready, just waiting to be uncorked, and other odds and ends for DD's household ( including a shovel for their deck).   The car is gassed up and ready for the trip home. No needed to go anywhere else.

There are some gifts under their mini tree, and soon I'll be going for a walk to enjoy the sights of the big city.

Tomorrow  will be spent eating leftovers, unwrapping a few gifts, eating some chocolate,  going for a walk and just enjoying some good company.

From my house to yours,

Merry Christmas everyone!


~Carla~ said…
Merry Christmas to you & yours!!! Enjoy your day! :)
Sharon said…
Hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Sounds like you were ready! :)!

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