Happy with the power bill!

I've had my heat on since around the beginning of October. I just received my power bill and it's up $ 50.00, not bad considering if I was paying for oil this year I would have already spent close to $900.00 for oil! ( Sept- Dec). So far, so good with the heat pump!

My sister and I went to Shoppers this morning to cash in the families  combined points  95000. We were armed with a list and  a calculator. We purchased stocking stuffers, including chocolate, personal things and some other things that our mother requested - the total came to 218 plus tax. My sister paid the  difference and taxes. I only have my dad's gift and DD's pj's plus some chocolate left to pick up and I'll be done! I will be doing some baking for some people too, so the plan is to get it all finished this week, including the wrapping.

I'm also planning on getting the floors scrubbed by hand this week. I figure that I can have all the rooms done by Friday, including the few decorations that I put up, and I'm still wavering about a tree.

I've been tracking the dogs walks on the calendar and in November, we walked 25 times! We walked today, and I've marked it on the calendar again...

I've got to run and get ready to work tonight, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jolie said…
excellent Haul from Shoppers. I saw the promo flyer last night but haven't been there enough to earn the points to shop, darn it.
ND Chic said…
Awesome job on being almost done with your Christmas shopping. I actually haven't started yet.
Canadian Saver said…
I redeemed for $105, but didn't have a list, so some items I didn't need while I should have bought other things. Arggh. I'll be better prepared next time :)

I'm now in a condo (rental) with a heat pump... It's such great heat (and a/c when it's hot) that it's hard to believe it's so cheap to run, isn't it?!

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