Back to reality

I'm back at home now, having arrived yesterday afternoon, and managed to visit with my parents, walk the dog, do a load of laundry and get ready for work.

Work was quiet, very quiet. I did walk away with 43.00 in my pocket, so I still came ahead.  I was home my 9:30 and DD and I went off to visit with some friends. We were treated with some goodies and small gifts!

DD is here for a few days, she'll be doing laundry, getting a hair cut and visiting with family and friends.  I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store ( bread, milk, eggs and fruit), then I'm planning on taking the dog for a walk, and settling in for a snow storm. So there will be lots of shoveling in the next twenty four hours, plus some laughs and maybe a pot of soup in my future.

I have to shout out to MaJ about her Jack Skeleton hat that she made for my DD for Christmas.... as soon as she opened it, it went on her head and stayed there all day! It was a huge hit! Thanks again...

I'm planning on taking down some decorations today, and to have the tree down on Sunday. The nativity will stay out until the 6th of January.


Anonymous said…
Yay!!! So glad she liked it! That's the best part of my busines, happy people!!

Blogger won't accept my new website, so I am logged in under my old blog, LOL

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