Something came in the mail today!

About 10 days ago or so,  someone  " Quest to be Financially Abundant " posted something to be solved... Guess who solved the little puzzle? ME!  This morning my prize arrived in the mail. It contained a copy of Squawk Fox's book, some yummy Mango goodies from the Body Shop,  a wallet/purse, luggage tag, and another little note pad cover, ( It's actually a passport cover) plus a coil note book for my purse and two pens!  My Bestest friend was here when it came and when i opened it...  Happy Monday!  MY Bestie can't wait to borrow the book!  Thanks again QTBFA...

I also in the past few weeks was gifted a "Carmilk" fondue pot from a regional manager of the Dollarama, one of the staff at Dollarama refused to break my Fifty dollar bill not longer after ( I was 40 cents short with random change, and she threw the money in from her own pocket).  On Saturday, I found a twenty dollar bill by the exit at Shoppers and I turned it in to the manager, as I know how hard I work for my money and to lose a twenty can be devastating!  So, I'm thanking Karma and Quest for this lovely gift!

Monday's can be good days! PS, the fudge turned out great!


Finding my Way said…
I'm glad the package got to you safe and sound! The "other notebook thing" is actually a cover for your passport - or, anything else you've imagination wishes.

I had actually completely forgotten about tracking the package, so I'm super happy it arrive for you!!
Michelle said…
Wow you received good stuff!
~Carla~ said…
What a great pkg to receive!! Lucky girl! :)
The Witch said…
What a great way to start of a Monday.
Very cool looking stuff.
Nice of you to return the $20.00 I don't know if many people would have. Hopefully it found it's owner.

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