Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go...

I'm soon to be off for a shift at my PT job. The schedule says from 12-8, but lately the staff who're in for that shift are staying until 9 or 10. So, I'm mentally prepared to stay until 10. Last night was a fast shift, started early and the night flew by. I came home with a big bill in my wallet, and it's going to be deposited in the bank this evening.

I'm taking the dog to my parents for the day, so they don;t have to drive over to let him out this afternoon. The dog has been super clingy lately, including jumping on my bed for cuddles at bedtime ( three times this week, and normally he'd do this once a month). I think it may have something to do with the way he's feeling, he's been limping for a month, and the vet thinks he may have shoulder dsyplasia , which can lead to arthritis. He's now taking glucosamine, and I'll start him on tumeric for the inflammation to. He needs x-rays, which I forgot to book but will do that next week.  I spent 170.00 on his vet visit this week ( medications 58.00, glands drained 12.00, kennel cough vaccaine, and the vet check up )plus 35.00 for the groomer.  Ouch....

I'm hoping for another great day at work, and that it gos as fast as last night!

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Michelle said...

awww I hope your dog is ok!

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