Five things Friday

1.Since last Friday I manged to have  8 30 minute plus  walks with the dog.  I'm tracking the walks on my calendar with a blue dot.

2. I've got a list made up with things to purchase tomorrow morning, including my mother's Christmas gift and the rest of the things I need for baking some goodies for Christmas.

3. Have scheduled a baking date for Monday with my best friend since grade 1.

4. I got tossed under the bus at work by a co-worker... I laughed and laughed over the incident, it was a very small thing,   did find out that she's been yakking behind my back to a lot of people... All i can say is Karma baby ( I know what's she's like and I don't trust her one iota).

5. I'm going to attempt to make fudge this week...


~Carla~ said…
I don't understand talking about people behind their back... that's what 12 yr olds do! Soo immature.

Mmmm... Fudge!! Good luck!
ND Chic said…
That's very annoying in the work place. It's not like we all need to be best friends but let's just do our job. Good for you on the walks.
j udy said…
I hate ppl who thrive on drama. And thanks now I want fudge.
The Witch said…
We all have co-workers like that.
Hopefully it was just a short bus you got thrown under. I would tend not to trust this person again also.
Glad you have a good attitude about it.
Good luck on your fudge making.
Have a great weekend.
Oh, let us know how your fudge turns out. I recently saw a pin on Pinterest for fudge that looks so good but I have heard that fudge is hard to make. I'm curious to try it though...

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