Well stocked pantry...

My pantry is well stocked now.  cans of tomatoes,  cans of tomato sauce,  containers of both beef and chicken stock,  tuna, canned soups, dried pasta, dried beans, baking goods, coffee, tea, crackers, peanut butter, etc.

I should be set for a good chunk of the winter with my pantry. I'll need to buy fresh fruit and veggies, milk, and meat once in a while.

I've also got a start on my Christmas shopping ( books have been ordered and paid for, 1 pair of pj's bought). I have plans made for everything else that I need to pick up. 

I also made appointments for the dog, myself, the car this past week. I have the funds set aside to cover these. I've got all my parents appointments written down as well, as I've got to care for my father a few times in November.

I work two shifts this up coming week, and the money will be assigned to Christmas/Visa payment.

Today I'll be putting my patio furniture away and the BBQ. I'll walk the dog and finish up things in the house. Hope everyone has a great week -end!


The Witch said…
That is a well stocked pantry.
Sounds as if you really have a head start on the Christmas shopping. I haven't even started yet but I have a list and a plan.
Are you doing the secret Santa this year?
Have a nice weekend.
its me, sam said…
Hi Witch, I'm not planning on doing the secret Santa this year, but you never know, I could change my mind! Books and pj's are the gifts I like giving to the kiddies in my life. DD has requested a new coat, so I'll help out with that.
~Carla~ said…
Good stuff!! :) My pantry isn't nearly as well stocked as it was... I need to work on that again. I'm done about 70% of my Christmas shopping for the year.. not doing too bad!

Have a great weekend!
ND Chic said…
You have it together :) I love a well-stocked pantry. I went grocery shopping this morning. It gets more and more expensive every time I go.
Jane said…
Hi Sam! That sounds like my pantry - lots of items for making soups and stews and throwing into the crock pot!
"putting away the patio furniture" - isn't that so sad! I need to do that too but the weather has been so rainy lately, with lots more to come this week! Hope I get it all put away before it snows!
Jolie said…
I think there is a little bit of Laura Ingalls in me and there is nothing so fullfilling as a full pantry :-)

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