Long time no post...

I'm not lost, or sick or injured, I've lost my blogging mojo...

I still read everyone's blogs, put just haven't felt inspired to write my own thoughts down. This morning I've decided to do a recap of the past week.

Thanksgiving was great, turkey and all the trimmings, spent with family. We had a bonfire after and it was with the required meltdowns from tired kids. ( Favorite phrase from this night, my youngest nephew in the midst of a meltdown, "I can't predict the future, you know!" to his mother over something minor, the rest of the adults hid their faces as we were all laughing over his words, but didn't dare let him see us. She took him home after this comment).

DD and her BF had a good visit. Lots of down time, good food and time spent visiting family and friends. They even got sent back with an extra suitcase full of goodies like TP, Kleenex, laundry soap, etc. DD passed her certification for her course of study! ( I'm a proud momma!) Now everyone, I need a few prayers that she finds a job!

I worked six hours at my PT job, and it was well worth my time. I used the extra money to stock up on some much needed goods like butter, toilet paper, etc. I ended up spending 82.00 at Shoppers and received the bonus 18500 points, which we'll use at Christmas ( my parents and I combine our points, buy all the stocking stuffers for the family with points and extra goodies for the season).

I spent time cleaning out the spare room ( junk room) and have it almost ready to use as a sewing/art room.  I won't be making anything fancy, but just need something to occupy my time besides reading and tv. I find the nights really long, and figure if I can spend a few hours a night creating something, I'll feel better.

Went over my budget again, and there is more money gong out than coming in. I'll have to talk to my boss at my PT job and see what the scoop is on hours ( I had none scheduled for last week, the shift I worked was for someone who wanted it off, but couldn't get it off). Four hours a week would make life easier, eight would be great! I have come up with a plan to tweak a few things once again, I'll let everyone know how it's going later on this month.

My shoulder is coming along slowly but surely. I have one very small muscle that keeps freezing up, so every day I work on getting it unstuck...

Work is work, aggravating at times, lack of communication is unbelievable ( I waste a lot of time trying to track down information that has been passed on verbally but no one has sent via email to confirm what they've said to others).  Oh and I ask lots of questions and can see things from a different angle, and that in itself scares some people. I have no desire to do their job, but they fear someone asking questions.

My parents are doing good, my dad is still confused by times but is getting stronger. My mother still gets frustrated with him, but until she hires someone to come and stay with him a few times a week, it's not going to change.

I plan on getting the outside work done this week at the house. Lawn mowed one last time, things tidied up and furniture put away.

I'll plan to writer another post on Wednesday of this week.  Happy Sunday to all!


The Witch said…
I'm glad you found your blogging mojo again. I'm still working on my and a post in the future. It sounds as if you had a really good time over the Thanksgiving weekend. So glad DD passed her course and I'm sure she will find a job soon.
Everything does seem more expensive lately and you come home with a couple of bags and really not much to show for the money spent.
Hopefully you can get that muscle under control, it must be difficult to work like that.
Happy Sunday and take care.
Jolie said…
It's really good to hear from you. Sometimes life just gets so busy that we need to cut a few things out in order to catch up and breathe.

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