This past week...

Has been good.

 A few walks with the dog,  enjoying the fall colours. Watched the blue jays fly about, along with the chickadees and red capped sparrows. Had physiotherapy three times ( I need to reset the muscles in my shoulder and do a bit of yoga every day to relax!). I've made a few good meals and been treated to a few good ones by family. Made a rough meal plan and baked some cookies.  Bought some groceries, and having family over for supper tomorrow night ( Baked ham, scalloped potatoes and carrots, I'll make a split-pea soup with the bone). Tossed stuff out of the freezer that was freezer burnt. I have some tomatoes that were gifted to me, so I need to do something with them.  I might make a sauce of some kind. I also have a craving for pizza, so I think I'll make some dough and have pizza for supper. 

 I smashed the screen on my phone last week-end ( and I mean smashed... teeny time slivers of glass would fall out), so sent it off to be repaired ( 140.00 later as opposed to 250 plus for a new phone).  I did discover that clear tape will work on a touch screen if you have a crack but for safety reasons, that was not a good long term solution for my phone. Tossed garbage, went thought a few drawers and getting rid of some of the junk.  Got a hair cut, the fireplace has been serviced and is ready for the winter. Discovered that I can browse the internet on the Wii, but my TV is too old for me to be able to use the Wii to watch TV via the internet.

Enjoyed a wood fire last night with some good company. Burnt 2 holes in the cushions and didn't freak out. Laughed and said"every time I pull the cushions we"ll say remember the night that..."

Bought some yummy but super sweet squares  ( 4.50)and 4 knitted dish clothes  ( 4@.50) for a grand total of 6.50 today.

Looked over the budget and need to make some changes... We shall see what they will be... Also getting a better routine down for myself.

I hope everyone enjoys their week-end! I know I will be... And next week-end , DD and her BF will be coming for the long week-end... Plans are to make them earn their keep... ( Helping my parents out one day, in case you didn't know DD, ( love you bunches)...


ND Chic said…
I love split pea soup. I make it quite a bit. It's nice that you were able to repair your phone instead of getting a new one. Have a good weekend!

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