Simple Sunday's

Today was the first simple Sunday I've had in a while. A little bit of housework,  a few groceries purchased, and I even cooked supper!

Pot Roast was on the menu and my sister and nephew joined me.  I even made a blueberry/pear crisp for dessert.   Roasts are on sale this week, and I bought a 3 lb one and cut it in two. Fresh, local veggies were on sale, so I bought some and prepped them for the week.  I was also gifted with some garden veggies from a co-worker.

 The dog got his third walk in this week.  I watched the two latest episodes of Grimm and read a little bit. Now I must get ready for work in the morning, as 5:30 come early.

This past week was a let down at my PT job, I guess it was my week to have sections of non tippers/cheap tippers ( 5.00 on a 100.00 bill) zilch on 75.00...  etc.  ( I did make 140.00 total and normally I'd have made over 200.00) But I did work 15 hours, so every penny helps. I did fill my gas tank ( 75.00), buy groceries ( 30.00) and spent 18.00 at the dollar store.  I have rebuilt my stash of loonies and twoonies in my car. In perspective, I made enough to cover what I needed.

I'm getting a free massage on Friday ( :) ). If the weather is good, I'm planning on have a fire Friday night and maybe having a beer or a hot toddy of some kind.


Jane said…
Around these parts it's been raining a lot since Friday but it's supposed to really warm up again this week. I really miss my campfire! In London we live in a condo so no outdoor fires at all :(
Low tippers SUCK!

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