Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh boy...

Yesterday I managed a couple of hours of sleep on my sisters couch, as the contractor was here installing new duct work, and the new furnace. 

The new duct work included a new cold air exchange. OH my, the old one had an inch and a half of dirt, dead bugs and other goodies inside. The new system is totally combined into one unit, ( I'll have to post a few pictures), and it'll be easy for me to change the filters.

Today I start the first of nine work days ( yep, I'm going to work nine days straight), and I have the money designated for everything.  No worries, as I'm not working any where for two days next week, and plan on relaxing!  I'm working late shifts at my PT job, so that leaves me with plenty of time to do things around the house.

I also bought groceries yesterday ( 24.00), and I spent 77.00 at Shoppers ( face wash, moisturizer, pads, tampons, etc... I was super excited about the tampons, as they were on sale and had a bonus mascara included).

Now, I'm off to do a few things around the house and fingers crossed, off to the beach for a few hours...  Gotta have a bit of fun...


jpkittie said...

hope you had fun at the beach! and make sure you stay hydrated during your 9 day work stretch!

Jamaal Milner said...

Cool! If the new system is built in one unit, then you must’ve saved a lot of space. That’s another benefit aside from the reduced effort to change the filters. A very smart investment indeed! That’s the thing people are having trouble with regarding their furnaces. Although hidden from our visitor’s eyes, it’s still bothersome to enter a furnace room and see the components all over the place.

- Jamaal Milner

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