Monday morning

Finds me with 5 of the 9 working days done!

Some house work to do, including laundry and vacuuming ( a never ending chore with a dog in residence)

A nephew to watch for part of the day ( we are going to do something fun for sure).

Unexpected visitors last night, the oldest son of the man who built the house! He told me stories about building the house ( pouring the foundation by hand for example).   I was outside with the dog and say a vehicle drive by very slowly. I waved and the truck started to back up. He sang out to me explaining who he was and I invited them in for a tour. He and his wife were very happy to see the hose well loved! His father started the house in 1962 and finished around 1964, the entire house was built by hand and he was very meticulous. We laughed over the 1/16 inch of flooring that his father had placed around the entire perimeter of the house.  There were some old tools left in the house when I bought it that belonged to his father. They've now been returned to the family!

I now have the entire heating and cooling system installed. Let me tell you, I was very thankful to have a/c now, as it was super hot last night! ( I have it set for 73 F as the new thermostat is in Fahrenheit... Which reminds me that I need to do the conversion to Celsius).

Got the car inspected. I needed 1 new tire! They had a used one for 40.00, which I bought as I know I need 4 new ones next summer. It works out to 4.00/ weeks for the next 10 weeks that I'll have the summer tires on.

I've made tentative plans for the beach on Saturday... Plus maybe lunch out...

Now I must be off to start the laundry and vacuuming!

Oh and I was gifted to some fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from a neighbour garden! Salad for lunch today! 


jpkittie said…
such a neat story!!! so excited for you that you got to return the tools! that is cool! Have a great day today!
Tanner said…
Nothing like garden-fresh salads. Sounds like quite interesting to have the builders drop by!
slugmama said…
That's awesome that you met the original owner's son.
I'd love to go back and see the inside of some of the houses I lived in while growing up, especially the one my grandfather built himself.

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