Monday morning finds me...

doing piddly things around the house, as they are here to do the upgrade to the electrical system...  However, they forgot a few things so keep running back and forth to get what they forgot... Better now then half way through the job.

The dog is chilling outside, I may have to bring him to my mom's later on, so I can have a nap and he can get out of the sun.

I have a list of a few things that I want to pick up later, plus I need to get my stickers for my car and book the inspection.  ( done) I also need to get my pay cheque from my PT job and deposit that in the bank. I also need to pay a couple of small bills on line.

I'm going to tackle my closet in a little bit and do some tidying up in there, and figure out what I need for the fall ( I'm thinking of things like getting boots resoled and maybe a new sweater, a couple of pairs of casual pants , and some long sleeved t-shirts as mine are really ratty).

Now I must go and tackle a few things on my to-do list!


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