It's Friday...

And it's raining here this morning.  Which means that I can get the house cleaned up without feeling guilty about missing out on the sunshine. ( It's now sunny out and I'm off to buy a few groceries).

The house needs to be vacuumed, floors mopped, and dusting to be done. A few groceries to be bought and some things packed in the car, as the dog and I are going to visit a friend for supper and an evening of non stop gabbing.

I have the total bill waiting to be paid for the new heating system, 10,500.00, plus the power bill is 165.00 for the month ( which included the service call). I'll be working 2 or 3 days at my pt job to help pay the difference ( 1600.00 that I'm short by my own means... )

I did renew my satellite radio for the next year for 120.00 plus tax, and renewed the subscription to O for  30.00, it came with a bonus offer to get a "free" gift subscription, which my sister will get and she's going to give me 15.00 towards the bill.

I'm thinking of cancelling the tv and pvr, and just using netflixs, when the contact is up at the end of September, unless the provider can offer me a better deal.

Did the math and since the 18th, I've worked an average of 9.67 hours a day of paid labour. I've very thankful to have no commitments today and tomorrow! Sunday I'll do another stretch of 7 days, but that means more money to pay off a bill!

Now, i must go and get the house cleaned up, and maybe I'll bake some blueberry muffins!

House is now cleaned! Added bonus to my day? My house insurance has now dropped to 58.12 from from 81.37/ month!  That's a difference of 396/year! I'm doing a happy dance in my chair right now!


~Carla~ said…
I'd love to switch to Netflix but hubby wouldn't do so well without his sports. ;) But I need to call & renegotiate our contract. Cable is Sooo expensive! :(
jpkittie said…
we had switched to netflix and it was great! we stayed off cable for about a year - but we ended up getting offered a deal that would only cost us $25 a month to give us cable with dvr again & also a home phone - so we will do this for now & see where it takes us
Out My window said…
That is great I wish my hone insurance would fall that much. Sounds like you have had a repair bill like mine.
Lisa said…
We both love cable. It is one of the things we agreed to keep.
Wish my homeowners would go down!
Jane said…
I might get rid of cable - we barely watch any TV other than netflix. It would save a good chunk of cash and I can use all the help I can get!
Nd.chic said…
I like my cable but with your contract up it is the perfect time to negotiate. That's a huge drop in your home insurance premium.

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