and I thought I was busy in July!

All I can say is thank goodness I've been off for seven days, doing very little.  As of this Saturday I'll be working 10 days out of 11... Yikes... However, that means there will be very little chance of spending money on anything but the following...

I have a contractor booked for the heat pump and upgrade to the electrical panel. Estimated cost 10,300.00.

I need to have my inspection done on the car, and plates. Total around 200.00.

I bought a conversation set for my patio this week. On sale from 564 to 250. It took me 2 hours to assemble it and I really like it! I did place the purchase on my CC, and will pay it off on the 30th. I've been waiting/looking for a set for 8 years... It was the 250.00 price tag that finally convinced me.

I've been asked twice to come and work for another restaurant... Don't think I'll go right now, as I have it pretty good at the other place. They've approached me, both the owner and manager... Feels nice!

I'm hitting the road in a few hours for a 24 hour visit to DD... I have someone staying with the dog, as there has been a rash of break-ins, thefts from sheds around the neighbourhood.

I've just calculated that in three days of working at my PT job, I've earned 1/2 of one pay cheque at my FT job...


That is an awesome price for the conversation set. I am hoping to get one on sale at the end of summer!!
jpkittie said…
that is awesome that you are wanted!!!! :) I bet that feels great!
Babybluewater said…
That is a great feeling to know your skills are in demand. Congrats! Nice score on the conversation set too!

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