The count down in on!

I start my vacation on Friday and I'm so excited! I have no big plans ( I'll be working three times at my PT job), but just to have fun and relax.

I was hoping to make it to PEI to visit Jane, but I'm afraid it may not happen...  I may decided to make a day trip over however, to deliver the goods!

I've been working about 62 hours a week since the beginning of July, so I'm looking forward to my vacation.

It's been super hot with the humidex, and when I walked into the house tonight it was 28 C... I've spent the bulk of the evening outside on the deck.  Next year, I'll have air, so it should be much cooler in here!

Not much else is hppeing, Im off to get ready for bed and work int he am.


Johanna said…
We are heading out Monday to NS and PEI :) hoping to see Hane too!!
Hope you have a relaxing holiday
jpkittie said…
I hope you enjoy your vacation! Sometimes just a little relaxation is in order!
Tanner said…
Hope it cools off for you! That's pretty high for the in-house temperature. Two more days until your vacation!
Jane said…
Lemme know Sam! I'll be leaving the island on the 18th!! So soon - I can't believe how quickly the time has passed :( You have my cell # right?

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