Financial Questions...

1. What is your income? 
Um, not the same as last year... I've taken a drop in pay of 400.00/net per pay... 
2. What are your (fixed) monthly expenses? 
house/car insurance
debt repayments
3. What would happen if you died tomorrow?
My DD would be well off. I have my will done and she's the one who gets it all.  I do need to get my funeral arrangements done in the near future. I want to be cremated,  and for her to throw a party after.  She'd own the house, the car, my insurance and all the contents.

4. Where could you get $500 in an emergency? 

Right now, I have some funds in my TSFA
5. What would you do if you got fired from your job?

I would have to do something highly unethical to get fired from my job... 
6. How will you live in retirement?
in comfort... my goal is to be mortgage free when I retire, which could be in 12 years... 
7. What could you sell to make extra cash if needed?

everything but my body...  
    8. Does your spending align with your values?

    They're starting to sync now...  

    9. What are you teaching (or will you teach) your kids about money? 

    Save, pay your bills and have some fun too!

    10. What steps can you take today to improve your financial situation? 

    Number one? Become a non-smoker... Still working on this one... 


    ~Carla~ said…
    Great replies! :) Good luck with quitting smoking!

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