So I went out today...

and I bought a cell phone for myself ( It's the first phone I've ever bought for me, I've bought two for DD). It's still not connected to the network, so I may have to go back tomorrow, but I'll be paying 26.00 a month for unlimited texting and 200 daytime minutes.

My mom now has my old phone, which used to belong to DD and I'm going to teach her how to send text messages tomorrow! One thing I can say about my mom, she's not real timid of new technology!

I also bought 3 new t shirts, 2 pairs of pants and a belt for 83.00. I need to hem the pants, but I love them!

I will be going on a spending fast on July 1 to last until the 8th. I'm going to give myself 40.00 to buy groceries and maybe an ice cream with and that's it! I'm pretty well stocked up, I just have to cook!


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