Simple Sunday's...

Today, I took my nephew out for a round of mini golf and an ice cream. total spent 11.00. Memories created? Priceless...  Considering he kicked my butt, we laughed as we over shot the "greens" on more than one occasion, and had to crawl under the "greens" to retrieve our  golf balls.

Having Sunday's off is something I'll miss going back to shift work. It's been my day for long walks, connecting with family, batch cooking and baking...  I have one Sunday left... ( insert sad face).

This upcoming week will be busy again! Meetings, planned outings and a road trip to visit DD...  Hope everyone has a great week!


Maureen said…
I must admit to feeling really selfish about my Sunday's, so I can see where you are coming from.
I LOVE mini-golf! Lucky you. :)
Jane said…
Will you not have ANY Sundays off? Of just not as many? That's rough, especially when it's the day for connecting with family, as it should be.

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