I'm away...

Last minute road trip to visit DD. Got someone to stay at the house with the dog and someone to let him out while the house sitter is at work. Ate some yummy Chinese food last night, plus an even yummier bottle of wine, which ended up with me breaking the cork screw and the girls having to run out and buy a new one ( which I paid for LOL). Total spent yesterday 35.00. 

I'm going to shower in a few, as DD and I are going to a farmers market, then off to a visit at a museum, and this afternoon will be spent cooking, cleaning, and chilling out on her deck. Tonight, we're going to watch a movie and not sure what else.  I'm going to enjoy my week-end for sure! I hope everyone else has a fabulous one!


Jane said…
That sounds lovely and how fitting that you and your daughter get to spend "father's day" together!

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