Today was fun!

This morning, my mom and I went to the big city to do a little retail therapy. Actually more like a mental health day for my mom.

We were on the road by 8:30 and the drive was great. I did buy a box of "Jamaican me crazy" for my Keurig 15.95 for a box of 24, a new summer blouse, socks, undies, sneakers, summer sheets, plus food and new water bottles.  Oh and a curtain rod and curtains for my bedroom ( I'm going back to shift work, so I need something to make my room tomb like for sleeping in the day time).  I spent in total just under 400.00...

My mom and I had lunch out, plus ice cream from Costco...  One of the best parts of the day? Getting a phone call from DD, asking me "where are you?" I told her, and she said "great, I've got a drive to where you are and I'll be home for the week-end! My mom and I were just packing up the car from Costco, when she called and she was there!  She helped us load the car, and we came on home!

Tomorrow, we'll do some yard work, take care of my dad for the afternoon, and we're planning a BBQ at my mom's for supper. Saturday will be up in the air ( maybe a bit of yard sailing) and Sunday will be a beach trip combined with my dropping DD off at supper time to catch her ride!

The other best part... I'm not working at my PT job this week-end!  I have the entire week-end to do what I want, with those I love best!


Maureen said…
I need my bedroom dark to aid sleeping not good at going to bed in the day when it's light, unless I'm ill.

Sounds like you and Mum had a good day out.
B-Kat said…
Sounds like a much needed day! I need to get some shopping done too. Have a relaxing weekend!
Jane said…
What a great day you had! That "Jamaican me crazy" sounds intriguing!! and was a great price! A whole weekend off - my goodness will wonders never cease?

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