I feel like Cinderella before the ball

I was adventurous this week-end and took the train to visit DD. Way cheaper ( 80.00 return vs 160.00 in gas). arrived to her new place and began cleaning/organizing as they discovered they have mice living with them.

One of the other girls parents came to visit this weekend too, so this morning found me washing walls, souring toilets, and cleaning/swamping out DD's bedroom.

we got cutains hung, art work up on the walls, drawers orgazined, laundry done, a shopping trip to Cosco ( including 80 rolls of toilet paper), cleaning supplies, some panrty staple ( 9 bags of pasta for 7.00), chicken broth, tomato sauce, etc. In total I spent 200.00 at Cosco, plus DD and I ventured to the local Sally Ann and bought a couple of glass jars, books and DD found a very cute apron to wear while cooking. 16.00 spent there.

We ordered chinese for supper, and I'm stuffed. DD and her friends are off to a house party, and I'm sitting here having a nice cold beer, and thinking of going to bed very soon. I'm going home tomorrow, so it's been a quick trip, but I'm glad to have come here to get their home in order...

I even met some of their neighbours and very nice people. They'll be watching out for our girls for the next 16 months ( They're committed to here until September 2013.


Maureen said…
Your trip to DD sounded like my visit to my son and his very preganant on bed rest wife. I cleaned I shopped I babysat in fact I made myself generally useful, after all we are Mum's LOL
Out My window said…
Isn't it nice to be able to visit and set them up. My mother was never able to help me this way. So I really try and do this for my girls.
Jane said…
Oh darn, thought we might hear about your date!! Or have you gone out with the YOUNG man yet??
Sounds like a fun weekend - I can't wait til I can help Kazi get set up on her own! My mom always came and helped me for a couple days whenever I moved. She loved to organize and decorate and I love the help!

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