Driving Miss Daisy...

So things are not looking better for my parents... My dad is still losing weight, topping the scales at 109 lbs. My mom, she's had a cancerous growth removed from her face two weeks ago ( it hadn't spread thank goodness) and she found out that she has macular degeneration in both eyes. It's the "wet" kind, which is good. My mother is now wearing sunglasses and moisturize with sunscreen now, as she had a "wake up" call over both these things.


I've been driving her around to her appointments, as she can't drive for a few hours after them.  She's been proactive with her eyes, taking vitamins to ward off this eye disease, as her father had it, along with others in the family.

Now for some good news... I should have to make a mortgage payment this week, as my new mortgage will be starting in a few weeks, and my old one will be over with today.  That will help towards DD's rent for the summer.  And mommas is buying some new sneakers this week! It's been three years since I bought new one, so I'm long over due.


Jane said…
A mortgage holiday? Why, that's just lovely that is :p AND new sneakers too, even better!
But I AM sorry to hear about your parent's health concerns, I don't know a lot about macular degeneration. I'm glad they have you around to help them out.
Maureen said…
If you have read my blog you will know my Mum is having some health issues just now as well, seems they had their days of worrying about us and now the tables have turned, I wish them well.

New sneakers after 3 years you deserve them !!!!
The Witch said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your parents health issues. We all look forward to retirement and want to be healthy to enjoy it. Somethings just aren't fair. I'm sure they are very happy that you are able to drive them and help out.
A mortgage break sounds wonderful and new sneakers. Don't skimp on the sneakers if you really plan on using them daily, your feet and back will thank you.

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