Sunday night chit chat

Reading? Reamde

Watching? I'm waiting for Game of Thrones Season 2 to start tonight!

Listening to? Once again the clock ticking and the fridge humming, and the key board clicking

Cooking/Baking? I cooked supper for my mom, chicken mashed potatoes and carrots... Oh, so good and leftovers for tomorrow

Happy you accomplished this week? I'd say walking the dog and getting my stuff in on time for a job application. Oh and I called and got a slight reduction on my house insurance, and when I get rid of the oil heat ? I'll see a drop of over 300.00 this year.

Looking forward to next week? Seeing DD and fingers crossed my dad going to the different floor for rehab. He's much better tonight, I can actually understand what he's saying now! Hopefully I can find the Easter stuff i bought... I haven't the fainted where I put it! LOL

Thankful for today? I saw a friend from University days  and got to play with her baby! So happy for my friend! And the baby? Oh, so cute and gotta love the chubby cheeks and thighs! My friend is very blessed to have such a happy baby!


I'm curious what Reamde is? I love to read so I am always looking for good ideas!

I am also grateful for walking my dog lots this week - love spring weather for that!

Have a great night:)
~Carla~ said…
A $300 drop is great!! Well done! Chubby babies are the BEST!! lol!
jpkittie said…
hope dad is better!

so glad to see the 300 drop
Jane said…
What will you be heating with instead of oil - natural gas?? That is a huge drop in insurance rates - what a great benefit!!
its me, sam said…
MPW- Reamde is by Neal Stephenson, I'm about 50-60 pages and bored... Not going to finish it.

Jane, no natural gas in my neck of the woods... I'm switching to a heat pump/electric furance idea... It'll cost about 7-10,000 to get installed( and that includes getting my electrical panel swicthed from 100 amp breakers to a 200 am breaker system)... My oil cost are 2400/year plsu another 120 for electricity/ month... The heat pump will pay for itself in 5 years ( I need a new furance and oil tank... I'd be looking at close to 3500 -4000 for that alone)...
Maureen said…
I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and am currently reading A Dance With Dragons courtesy of my local library. Season 2 starts for us on the 10th April, can't wait

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