was spent driving... yep, round trip over 800 kms... Furniture unloaded, out for lunch and home again... Tomorrow night I work, plus I have work work to do... I do see a nice long walk with the dog in the early morning,  an hour or so to cleaning/laundry, and two trips to a friends place to let her dog out. 

A visit with my dad is a must. He had a set back this week, he's back on O2 and IV antibiotics....  :(

Now, I'm off to bed... Oh and if anyone owns a Keurig, I highly recommend buying stuff from them on line. I placed an order on Sunday and it was at my door Thursday...   So impressed!


Jane said…
Sorry to hear about your dad, Sam. I hope he recovers quickly from this setback!
Wow, 800km in one day - that's a lot of driving! How was the weather out your way - I know PEI got more snow!

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