Sunday, April 22, 2012

A drab and dreary day

It's raining, mixed with a bit of freezing rain here. It's cold and damp, a good day for doing nothing but watching tv, reading and chatting with friends. I'm going to have supper with my family, including my dad who's being let out for passes.

He did have a stoke at some point in the last 6 weeks, and it's affected his left side. His speech is still slurred by times, he's forgetful by times, and he's dragging his leg. Still, we'll see his sense of humor pop out, and he'll crack a grin! He's very thin ( tipping the scales at 115 lbs), and has depleted his fat stores ( no more pot belly). He is eating more, and my mom is bringing his supper each night, as the hospital food is monotonous.

I worked at my Pt job last night, ( made 80.00) staying late, and slept in until 10:30 this morning. I'm thinking it been at least 5 years that I slept that late.

I've made progress on the pile of papers and I got the pantry done, along with the bathroom. The spare room will be finished up tomorrow, along with the hall and most likely the living room.  Now, I'm off to get cleaned up and enjoy my  lazy Sunday...


Jane said...

That's exactly what we're having too - a lazy Sunday. It's pure bliss just to sit and catch up on posts, drink tea and not have a schedule. Enjoy your dinner tonight - glad your dad still is maintaining a sense of humour!

Maureen said...

Is'nt the human body a wonderful thing, it gives you sleep at exactly the right time, so good for you for allowing it.
Hope Dad has a good week....

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