This week-end:

I have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon, then I'm having my sister and nehpew over for supper tomorrow night. I'm thinking of chicken, stuffing, potatoes and veggies. I'm going to buy a bottle of wine too!

Saturday, I'm going to clean parts of the basement, do the laundry ( and pack my bag), walk the dog and go to work at my pt job.

Sunday, I'm planning on taking a road trip to have an adventure with my sister, nephew and the dog. I'm going to cook again, and even bake a cake!

There's no sign of my Dad coming home this week. It's hard on my mom, as she's there by herself, but at least she can hangout with him for 4 hours at a time, and not 5 minutes/per hour.

Add in some time for crunching numbers, and perhaps coming up with a blogging schedule? Plus, the count down for working from home is coming fast ( 5 weeks and counting). I'll have 8 weeks, then back to my old job, and a reduction in pay ( but my expenses will be down, so it balances out).


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