Sunday night chit chat

Quote: whatever will be, will be...

Reading? Save Me - by Lisa Scottoline

Watching? Face Off ( a reality show about make-up artists)

Listening? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Cooking/Baking? Nothing - I went out for supper...

Happy that I accomplished this week? Um, keeping up with the laundry? My nephews were here for part of the week, so I made sure they went home with clean clothes.

Looking forward to next week? Walking every night for 1/2 an hour. That's my goal.

Thankful this week? I'm thankful that my Dad is on the mend. He's still a little confused ( He was talking to my mother about Queensland, how beautiful it is there, and missing someone from there, but Dad's never left North America...) I'm also very thankful to all my friends and family for all they did for us this week.


Liz said…
Hi, I wanted to let you know since you follow my Maritimepennypinching.blogspot account, that I moved my site to I thought it would update everyone automatically, but it appears that I was wrong. If you would still like to follow my blog, and I sure hope you do, please update your address to make sure you are able to find me.

Thanks so much,

Jane said…
Hope your dad's confusion clears up as his condition improves. I've just started up walking 1/2 hour on my lunch again now that the weather is improving. 30 minutes a day is supposed to do wonders for overall health!

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