Sunday morning...

Fingers crossed that my dad will be transferred to the hospital at home this week. He's still experiencing confusion but he is physically getting stronger. I think my mom is exhausted however, and is looking forward to having them both home.

I worked at my pt job last night. I had lots of laughs, and came home with 90.00 in my pocket. That's my gas/grocery money for the week!

I bought some groceries yesterday and Friday, along with washing my car, and of course the bulk barn! I spent around 120.00, which included purple tulips for my self and a gift for my sister ( my nephew picked out for his mom a dozen multiple coloured roses, after smelling about 15 different bunches).

Today, it's supposed to be up to 15 degrees, so I'm planning a nice trek in the woods, complete with a thermos of coffee and a snack! I'm going to finish all my house work this morning and enjoy the day!


Jolie said…
Oh I wish I could zap myself to you and head out for that walk with you. It sounds lovely. Peace, fresh air, nature and coffee. Glad to hear your dad is getting stronger.
Excellent news about your dad! Enjoy your day walking in the woods, too. The perfect way to spend an afternoon. I'm going out with a friend later to walk by the river,as it's a lovely day here.
Canadian Saver said…
I didn't realize your Dad was still in the hospital... I hope he can be moved closer to home too!!

I need to find some tulips too!! It would brighten up my desk at work :-)

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