Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little bits of this and that...

I worked last night at my PT job, and I normally don't work Friday nights. I emailed my boss and asked her if that's what she had intended. She replied yes, but I knew that they were going to be short staffed on Saturday night. Can yo see where this is going? Sure enough, last night they were going through the book, and I noticed eyes wandering my way. I volunteered to work, as it'll be a short shift, and the past few weeks, they've been 100.00 nights...  Last night was the same ( actually 110.00 was what I came home with)...  So, I'll go in, work 4-5 hours and make another 100 or so, and it will help out a lot!

DD's moved into her new apartment and like a good daughter, I gave her a budget of 650.00 to purchase a new bed, that was to cover taxes and delivery.  It made more sense to buy her a new bed, than to find a truck to drive 4 hours  one way. She came under budget at 625.00, buying a queen sized  mattress box spring, frame and delivery/set up. The added bonus is that at Christmas she received new bedding  full/queen and as far as sheets go? Her best friends mom loves to buy bed linens and has over 10 sets of queen sized sheets ( and doesn't own a queen sized bed).

I sent a load of stuff with a friend yesterday to DD including her kitchen knives, bake wear, a few groceries and next week-end, I'll drive DD back, with another load of stuff. Book cases, dresser, kitchen chairs, odds and ends. You'd be surprised at what you can get in the back of an SUV...

Today, I'm going for a power walk with my mom and the dog, cleaning the house, coffee with a friend, visit my dad( its going to be at least another month before he's discharged, as he's still got weakness on his left side).  I also order HBO for the next three months, as I want to watch the second season of Game of Thrones.

That's it for now, have a Super Saturday!


~Carla~ said...

Your daughter found a great deal on the bed!! Awesome! Sounds like she'll be well set up with all your wonderful help! :) Have a great weekend!!

J said...

LOL about the friend that has 10 sets of Queen linens without a queen bed...I guess we all have our weakness!

Jane said...

That's roughly what we spent on Kazi's bed at Christmas. She's become very practical in her gift choices which is great - hopefully in two years when she finally moves out (I hope :) she will have everything she needs.
I've heard so much about the Game of Thrones but have never seen it - enjoy your day!

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