Life is funny sometimes...

I just read Eboo's post on "the first step is hardest", and I quickly wrote a response... Today, for the first time in my life, I applied for a job outside of my home province. The job is in the vast Provience of Ontario... I came upon the posting by accident last week, and I've been working on my resume and cover letter ever since.  I even found a copy of their pay scale on line and I like what I saw... This morning, I said to myself, get that stuff sent in today!  I was so scared hitting that send button!  But I did it!  I've even gone so far to write out my "new email address" on paper ( the power of postitve thinking!) Krystal at "give me back my five bucks" wrote about moving away for your dream job this week too!  I've been reading her post and comments over and over.  I'm thinking as I'm reading, "I can do this, I can pack and go, I'm still youngish... "

I've never been to that small city ( but I so wanted to go to school there when I graduated from high school), but did a basic search of the city's web site, and I liked what I saw. Lots of grocery stores,  places to walk, dog parks, rent is reasonable ( to buy a house isn't that bad either),  activites in town are not over priced. The hardest thing would be not knowing anyone who lives there ( there may be some people I went to high school with who are there, but I'm not sure).  I do have friends and family who live within a 2 hours drive of the area...  Like Eboo said , first step is the hardest... I'm happy with myself for going out of my comfort zone and looking for work in other provinces!


Good for you, Sam! What a great accomplishment. All the little steps were in place for you to apply and I for one am keeping my fingers crossed for you. It would be a terrific opportunity and the only thing that makes us old before our time is not taking ourselves up on challenges like this. Good luck!!!!
J said…
Good luck to you!! Let us know what happens. Now you have me trying to guess what town it's
Wow - good for you! I'm very impressed with your determination and courage. I hope it all works out for you but even if the plan changes you still tried and that is a major accomplishment in itself. Take care!
Jane said…
Hey - I know some pretty nice people in Ontario LOL!! But I didn't know there were any JOBS here so that's good news :) I'm very excited for you - the job sounds like a great opportunity - I really hope it works out!
ND Chic said…
Great job on applying for the job and stepping out of your comfort zone. Good luck! Definitely keep us posted.
The Witch said…
This is a big step for you and I wish you all the best in getting the job. Ontario is a great place to live and enjoy everything it has to offer which is just so much.
I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario and my Mom, Sister and Brother still live there so we always have a place to stay when we visit. You could never get bored of the interesting places and great parks along with any restaurant your heart desires.
Keep us posted.

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