It's 4:00 am... nope, now it's 4:00pm

And I'm listening to my mother snore. I've slept off and on since 11:00, but it hasn't been a good sleep. I'm here for moral support. Things have been a real roller coaster with my dad From breathing on his own, to developing an lung infection to being on a ventilator, to being off the ventilator to having assisted oxygen intake ( B-Pack), to now having a chest tube to drain the fluid from his chest cavity.

Update on this latest scenario. My dad is now just on regular oxygen, and moved up to the next level of care. I'm exhausted but I'm home. I left after finding out that my dad was being moved, and my mother's brother called her to say he was coming down to see her. I'm not going to work at my PT job tonight, I just don't have it in me. I'm also not working on Monday, as I am played out and will take a day to rest! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers this week, my family and I really appreciate them!


Jolie said…
Hugs and prayers coming your way. I'm glad his condition has been upgraded. that is good news.
Hang in there, Sam! Hope your dad continues to improve and you can all breathe a (little) sigh of relief. Take care of yourself and try to relax a bit this weekend. You certainly deserve it! {{hugs}}
Jane said…
Yup, time for you to look after YOU! It must be a real relief that your dad is improving so that should help you to unwind and get the rest you need. Take care!
Canadian Saver said…
I'm sorry there have been complications, sam... I'll pray that he keeps doing better and better. Great idea to take Monday off, you need to be well rested!
Louise said…
you have to take care of you, so take monday off and grab what rest you can, it's a stressful time, hope your dad continues to improve
The Witch said…
You should definitely take some time off you have been under a huge amount of stress and lack of sleep doesn't help.
I'm glad your Dad's condition is improving and I'm sending big hugs to you and your family.

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