I met with my boss today and talked about the issue. I'm just going to let the issue play out. I only have to see the person for another 4 weeks ( then I'll be working from home until the end of the contract).

My dad is at the hospital here. He's still confused by times but happy. He'll be in the hospital for a while longer. I'm guessing until the end of April in order to build his strength back up.

Moneywise, things are ok. I spent over 100.00 in gas this week and put 1000 kms on my car. I paid cash for the gas and I still have money on the bank, so I'm thinking that I'm doing ok!

I work tomorrow night and I'll work about 5 hours. I'm figuring that I'll make about 80-90 tomorrow night.

I see the Canadian Saver is now gone private. Her blog was the one that inspired me to start my own! CS, I'd love to be able to keep up to you! you can send me an e-mail to paddlingmyowncanoe at gmail dot com if you like.

I hope everyone's week-end is fab.


Jolie said…
Noooooo not CS too ! I love her blog. And I lost Cynthia. And pear. :-(
Anonymous said…
I am glad your father is feeling better. And that you talked to your boss about the unwanted attention
The Witch said…
So glad your Dad is doing better!!!
I can't believe CS is gone private. Something must have happen I hope she is alright. I'm like you I hope she lets us join I'm going to miss her great blog site.
Glad you had the talk with your boss, but be careful 4 weeks is still a long time to have Mr creepy near by.
Jane said…
Things are really getting shaken up in the blogging world - now I can't get to Judy's blog...again!! Glad CS is coming back - it seems that most of us need to take a break once in a while! Hang in there - 4 weeks will zip right by!

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