Sunday night chit chat

Photos? None... I didn't take a camera with me!

Reading? I'm not sure yet.

Watching? Nothing.

Listening to? The clock tick in the kitchen

Cooking/baking? Nothing

Happy that I accomplished this week? Does drinking count? I had lots of yummy drinks, and even better coffee. I did score 3 - 1 lb bags of blue Mountain coffee for 52.00 ( which worked out to 17.33/bag! I also brought back more booze than allowed, was totally up front about it and didn't have to pay any duty!

Looking forward to this week? A short work week ( I'm working from home Thursday and Friday). Sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Thankful for? My cousin and his beautiful wife for putting us up for the night, and getting home safe today! It was a bad one yesterday, and we stayed put. It made for a long day, but I'm home safe and sound, bags are unpacked, laundry started and the few gifts I bought are delivered!

Now, I'm off to do another load of laundry and get my bag packed again... I'll write more about the trip later on!


~Carla~ said…
No camera on vacation?! That's pure craziness!! lol! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed! :)
Sharon said…
Welcome Home! We missed you!! Hope you had a great time!
Canadian Saver said…
Can't wait to hear more about the trip... glad you were safe last night, I thought about you when I saw it getting so bad!

I wish I could taste that coffee, mmmmm :-)
Jane said…
Heyyyyyy welcome home Sam - winter happened while you were away! How nice that you have a short work week - that will be a bit of a holiday in itself! Enjoy!

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