My bags are packed, I ready to go...

By this time tomorrow night, I'll be in the air, on my way to Jamaica, for a week of no responsibilities, no cooking, no cleaning and no work! I've got a drive to and from the airport, I've arranged free parking for the week ( gotta love family). I'll chip in for gas, I'm packing a lunch/snacks for the trip. ( I don't want to spend too much money on takeout tomorrow, knowing I'll be eating every meal in a restaurant for a week!

My suitcase is packed, along with my carry-on. I did buy some snacks for the beach, along with gum and peppermints. I bought 2 brand new paperbacks today along with 5 books at a used book store and I received 2 free books in the mail yesterday. I figure I'm set for reading materials. And yes, I most likely will read all 9 books on my trip. An average week book wise for me is 3-4, and considering I have nothing to do but swim, read, eat, drink and walk, I'll be good! I'm also going unplugged for the trip. So I'll have lots of catching up to do next Sunday!

The car is filled with gas, I'm loaning it to someone for the week. It makes no sense to keep the car in the driveway, as DD can't drive, and if it storms, no one can plow the drive way, so it's being borrowed by someone I trust.

One last thing? Remember how I had the goal of 300.00 American to bring with me? I ended up with 281.00, none of which came from the bank. I had decided that that was enough money, as I didn't want to have to pay bank fees for 20.00. My godparents heard I was going down south and dropped a twenty dollar bill off to my parents house yesterday! Now I have 301.00 American for my trip!

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the nice weather!


Canadian Saver said…
Have a fantastic time!! I think it's the smartest thing, to unplug for a week!

I had someone come into the office today to tell me she's leaving for 2 weeks, destination Jamaica! It's a hot place to go!
Have a terrific trip, Sam! Safe travels and enjoy your rest and relaxation!
Jolie said…
Oh how exciting for you!!! Have fun :-)
Louise said…
Have a great holiday! looking forward to seeing your pics when you get back
Both times I was in Mexico I read 1 book per day! Better play it safe with your own mini-library.

Have a great trip!
Jane said…
Amazing, $1.00 more than planned for - I love the serendipity of that! Enjoy, wish I was coming with you, I've been there just the once and loved it so much. so lush with flowers and greenery. Meanwhile...I'm green...with envy!
~Carla~ said…
Exciting!!! Have a FABULOUS time! Safe travels! :)
ND Chic said…
Safe and happy travels! You will have to post a couple pics when you get back.
Sharon said…
Sounds awesome!! How very nice of your godparents!! Have a safe trip and a lot of fun!!
The Witch said…
Have a wonderful and relaxing trip.
Can't wait to here all your vacation news when you return.
Make sure you have lots of sunblock.
J said…
Hope you're having a wonderful time!!

When you get back, I tagged you in a little thing that's going around, if you have time!

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