Sunday night chit chat

Book 5 of the game of thrones series ( confession time I couldn't wait for the paperback bought it on Thursday 32.00)

Fifth Estate

Listening to?
see above

Today I made a crust less quiche ( spinach and feta), mashed potatoes, meat pie ( it was a gift at Christmas) and peas. DD made the gravy and did the dishes!

Happy you accomplished this week?
My interview went well, the laundry is caught up, spent time hanging out with family and friends. Working on my non smoking program and some other goals.

Looking forward to next week?
Having a couple of no spend days ( Monday was the only day this past week that it happened. I also need to pick up my prescription for my epi-pens and get my tickets for my trip. I'm also going to pack my suitcase this Saturday and make sure that I have everything ready for my trip!

Thankful for today?

My dad has been tobacco free for 7 days. He'll be under going heart surgery in a few weeks and made the decision to quit smoking after 60 some years. He's got some major blockages and it's no wonder that he's slowed down so much this past year. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

DD applied for her student loan today. i could not find last year income tax papers to save my soul. We did manage to get all the info she needed thanks to my handy dandy blue binder that I keep all my bills/ etc in for the year. I had the papers that income tax sent me in the spring, plus my pay stubs are on line! One major task completed!


Michelle P said…
I love quiche, so tasty!

And I hope everything goes great for your dad.
Sharon said…
I'll be praying that your Dad's surgery goes well! It's great that he gave up should really make a difference!

Congrats on your interview...keeping my fingers crossed for you!
~Carla~ said…
Good for your dad! That's a long time smoking... It's wonderful that he's quitting!! Have a great week! :)
Jane said…
Giving up smoking is tough, I know! I've done it several times! The last time stuck however and now I haven't smoked in...thinking here...9 years. I really hope that with surgery your dad will be more like his old self. I can't believe your DD knows how to make gravy!!!
its me, sam said…
Jane, my daughter makes the best gravy! Yesterday she made it out of beef stock, milk, flour, worchestersire sauce, a bay leaf, salt and pepper, and a bit of nutmeg. My DD is a great cook!

Sharon, I'm going against 40 other people for the job...

Michelle, I love quiche... cheap and easy.

Carla, I'm happy too. Thanks for all your wishes for my dad.

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