Sunday night chit chat

Death Dance by Linda Fairstien and I finshed all 4 books in the Game of throne series

Criminal Minds

Listening to?
see above

I made a huge pot of sapghetti sauce, potato leek soup, rolls, chocolate chip cookies and a spinach salad, oh and I bought a store pizza and dressed it up at home

Happy you accomplished this week?

Some work, some fun and I have my American money fund at 281.00, oh and fidning out I'm going to have an interview for a new job...

Looking forward to next week?
exercising on my own, Friday night( going to visit a friend, seeing my parents on Friday, my Dad is going to see the heart specialist tomorrow to see what they're going to go for him. Oh and DD is going to cook pork ribs for supper on Friday and the family will be here for supper that night.

Thankful for today?

My DD and the dog, plus having the family over for supper tonight ( homemade soup, rolls, salad and cookies for dessert)

I spent a total of 30 on gas, 22 on tobacco, and 24 at the grocery store today ( I bought more ribs, ketchup, strawberries, pretzels and shallots). I've been throwing money into my sealed jar, but I'm not tracking that money. I want it to be a suprise come December 1st!


~Carla~ said…
You did lots of baking & cooking today! Yum! I'm not counting the $$ in my sealed pot either, it'll be a fun surprise in December!! :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the job interview!!! Good luck
Michelle P said…
I hope that come December 1st, that your sealed jar is extremely full!
jpkittie said…
wow - lots of cooking!!!

Good Luck on the interview
Jane said…
I'm not really tracking my sealed pot either, but because I'm tracking my expenses so closely this No/Low January it's kinda obvious but I have no idea of the total amount. Like you I want it to be a surprise.
Your daughter cooks!?! For the whole family!?! You are so blessed!
The Witch said…
You have been really cooking up a storm. So glad that DD helps you out.
I hope all goes well with the job interview and it is the job you really want.
I'm sure you must be counting down the days till your trip.

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