Planning and plotting

I've figuring things about budget wise... I'll keep you all posted as i figure out some things. One thing I noticed a pattern in, is spending the bulk my money on payday and leaving very little. That is one area that will be changing!

I've got my suitcase packed for my trip, I won't be buying a Kobo, I just can't justify it. I'll be heading to the library and borrowing some paperbacks ( the ones that they don't care if you ever bring back), load them into my carry on, and I'll be good. I'll probably bring a few of my old favorites with me to reread. I'll also be bringing a pen, pencil and a couple of notebooks to write, sketch and dream in! I'll also throw a few snacks in my suitcase, in case I get the midnight munchies!

Today was low key, breakfast out with my parents ( they paid, so I left a tip), and a long walk in the woods with the dog. It's the first walk we've been on since early January and long over due. It was a windy ( west wind) walk, so I'm sure I burned a few calories. Oh and I've lost 2 pounds so far ( in three weeks). Considering I've done no exercise and mainly have just stopped eating chips ( for the most part), I'm doing good!


Babybluewater said…
Congrats on the weight loss :) Enjoy your trip!
Jane said…
Good for you on giving up the chips...I once read that chips are the #1 worst thing you can eat! So no wonder you've lost 2 pounds!!
Canadian Saver said…
I knew your trip was getting really close!

Congrats on the weight loss :-)
jpkittie said…
you are doing good - great job on the weightloss!

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