New Years Eve!

I'm celebrating the New Year by working at my PT job. It's snowing out, so I'm not sure how busy it'll be, but we'll make the best of it!

Today, I'm cleaning the house. I've got laundry on the go, I swamped out DD's room, I'm got my things organized for my trip down south ( I'm on the hunt for two new bathing suits, a pair of shorts and a couple of skirts/ dresses. I may take a trip to the big city and go to Valu Village for the shorts and skirts, the bathing suits I'll buy new, as I need to find ones that fit my bust and don't turn the girls into pancakes.)

The dog is going to my mothers for the night to keep my nephew company, as my sister and her husband are leaving for the night ( a death is pending in his family). The dog will keep them all busy and help sooth my nephew at this difficult time.

I've taken down the bulk of the decorations, the tree is still up with just the coloured lights still on it. I'll dismantle the tree completely tomorrow.

As far as resolutions go, my motto this year will be "Live with in my means", which for me will include paying down debt, saving 1000.00 for Christmas, and having 2 months of reduced spending. I won't be joining in with others for January's no spend, as I have about 200.00 budgeted for new clothes, plus I'm planning on buying a Kobo for my trip ( another 200 towards that). I still would like to have another 75.00 for spending money too. All together, I'll have spent 2,200 on my trip, that's including the trip, spending money and some new clothes. I realize that money could have gone towards debt repayment, but for me, I'm looking forward to spending time with family, and relaxing with no commitments to anything for a week.

I will buy more hand made items for people next Christmas, as they were the big hit among family and friends. The most expensive items were 10.00 per item.


~Carla~ said…
I'm mostly relaxing today... Have some of this & that to do, but hope to take it easy mostly! Good luck writhing your Christmas/savings goals!
Jane said…
Exciting - when do you leave and where are you going?!?
We're going winter camping, so instead of being warmer, like you, I'm going to be even colder than usual. What fun! I should have my head examined! Oh well, it's for Michael's birthday and I'm sure we'll have a great time.
I'm still a little envious though:)
ND Chic said…
We're having a low key New Year's as my husband is working this weekend. It sounds like you need your trip for a little R & R. Happy New Year!
jpkittie said…
Hope your new year's was great! (and you made tons of $!)

We had a nice quiet celebration with dd & dh :)
The Witch said…
Happy New Year to you and DD.
It's sounds as if you are getting very excited and really looking forward to some relaxation time in the sun. Lucky you!!
I'm not joining any savings club either because I'm feeling like you. I'm only going to try and live within my means and save more.
When do you leave for your trip?

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