Just a little update

Hello all!

I'm home officially for the holidays. I'll be working from home, but I'll be on vacation for one week, from the 24th until the 31st. I have no big plans, just lots of walks, hanging out with family and friends and enjoying the down time.

My bloggy secret santa recipient received her gift this week! Jen, I'm glad you liked the oven mitts! I spotted them in the store and they were the only ones like that left!

I still have gifts left to buy but not a whole lot. I have 3 of my nephews left, 2 things left to pick up for DD, 2 books to pick up for my god daughter and her sister, something for my mom, and a gift card to send to my sister. 200 should cover it all.

I spent 47.00 on beer ( yes I give beer as a gift, my Dad, my cousin and my BIL all are on the receiving end of this one).

This morning I'm taking my Dad to the hospital for blood work, then I'll drop by the main office, do a few things there, come home and work for a few more hours. I need to go to the bank, and pack my bag for the week-end. I'm looking forward to my little get away this week-end.

Happy Friday to all!


Jane said…
LOL - I think giving beer for Christmas is a Canadian tradition isn't it?? Right now I'm picturing Bob and Dave McKenzie in their plaid coats and toques with a case between them...do doo do do do do do doo!

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