It's Friday!

and I'm still at work, and will be here until around 9:00 tonight, then I'll make the two hour trek home. I work tomorrow night, so tomorrow will be doing things around the house, walking the dog and I'm not sure what else. Sunday I've got plans set out from 12:00 noon to after 9:00PM. I'll have enough time to sleep and hit the road again Monday morning.

But I only have 2 more Monday mornings left this year to travel for work! Actually if I were to count, I only have 20 more Monday mornings to travel in this contract!

Moneywise, I'm treading water... But being at home over the holidays will cut my costs down by about 300.00 for sure!


jpkittie said…
take it one day at a time & you will do just fine :) Watching financials here as well - dont' want to spend too much!!! EEK!
Jane said…
You have a busy weekend of work! Hope you can get relaxed before the next work week starts!
The Witch said…
Your are working till 9:00pm and then driving for two hours. Yuk!
Your weekend sounds very busy indeed so make the most of it and try to have some fun. I can't see how you are going to have any time to yourself before heading back off to work.

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