What's running through my brain these days...

Christmas is running through my brain like crazy these days. I've got two gifts purchased now. Total spent 180.00 ( Both are for DD).

I really, really, really want a KOBO vox... Maybe after Christmas I'll get one ( before I go down South). I'm thinking it will weigh a lot less than 8 books I'll want to read while laying on the beach, drinking rum punch.

I would also like a new black turtleneck, new black pants, a pair of black flats, a couple of new sweaters and new scarves. I'd love a pair of FRYE boots too, now that I'm writing about it.

I've been in a funk lately. Not in the deep hell of depression, but a funk... Chocolate has been helping the funk, but not my weight.

I spent 50.00 on groceries last week ( that included 12.00 for butter that was on sale at Shoppers)Plus another 80 on things like Halloween treats, dog food, light bulbs and other things.

I did manage to spend 14.00 on groceries yesterday and bought milk, cream, frozen veggies, a pizza, 2 apples, 2 bananas, and carrots. That, combined with the other food I had here will do me the week. I did end up throwing out 6 eggs, 4 carrots, milk, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 an onion and 1/2 a lime from my work home. Ouch... It all expired over the week-end...

I'm looking at a low key week-end... I'm not working, so I hope to do some thing fun for a change. ( I think that's my problem, I'm spending all my time working, doing housework, but very little fun time: something to ponder)

I'll spend 100.00 next week on the car, having the winter tires put on, an oil change and the winterization.

I'm also looking forward to a couple of nice long walks in the woods with the dog and maybe going to a Yoga class...

Enough of my ramblings, see ya'll later!


The Witch said…
You have such a great Christmas list.
I also love the Frye boot style.
I have finished all my Christmas shopping except for Hubby. I'm hoping to have it all wrapped and mail off to my family in Toronto.
I bet you are really looking forward to your trip, I know so many people who are going South next year. The Summer here really sucked this year so maybe that explains the high increase in traveling.
Tanner said…
You did very well with that shopping. $14 and you got all that?!

Enjoy the walk in the woods! Wish I had that option around here.
Anonymous said…
Wow you are really doing well. I need to start wrapping presents tomorrow so I can get everything organized

jpkittie said…
great start on the christmas list - and i love your list! we all need a little something here & there.

bummer on the stuff that expired... I tend to do that a bit.... better luck next week, right;) but you did great on the budget!
Louise said…
hey Sam... Happy Birthday!!!! :)

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